New year, new astrofoto! We present our horse’s head (Barnard33) with Zeta Orionis and IC434

With my ankle injury, we had to help but shoot pictures for a few months, but it wasn’t all bad, I got to understand that you better watch where I walk every now and then and not always with his head in the clouds, because fractures are really annoying, but I’ve learned my lesson, and although I have not resumed at 100% we could pull off “the big guns” or triplet apochromatic Tecnosky from 130 mm and pick up the sky Winter in three separate nights in late November 2016, and then two nights in January 2017, partly Tiglieto (GE) in the company of our friendand a very good astrophotographer Giorgio Ferrari ( @ N07/), partly Veirera (SV) in our mountain base camp.

The image that I propose is the result of just over 7 hours of integration, selecting only the bestframes (out of a total of over 8 hours) and has confirmed one thing, needless to expose many hours with DSLR and without narrow-band filters, gain of details beyond a certain limit is next to useless, but the extra hours were allowed to better highlight the nebulosity weak who are present and to mitigate noise , compared with single night we shot for 2 and a half hours.

The image is available on our profile 500px high resolution:

Someone would replaced by software, for example the great stars Alnitak, but I don’t like the invasive cosmetic on photos, I prefer to keep it as natural as possible, and hopefully better hop out for that too!

The technical details of this work are as follows:
Created on 26 November, on the night of 31 December 2016 and January 2017 4 and 5, with the faithful Super apo 130/910mm Tecnosky and a Canon EOS 600D full spectrum mod. on HEQ5 mount, guide with 60/220 guide, M-gen Lacerta 220 + shorty barlow 2x, partly made by Veirera (SV), partly from Tiglieto (GE) (3 to 5 minutes on single poses by 1600ISO + 18 dark + flat 10)

For more scientific information on this cloud complex, I refer you to the WIKI:

Clear skies and see you soon! 🙂

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