The colors of the Milky way, between reality and interpretation

You may have noticed browsing on Internet that there are many photographs of the milky way, often different from each other and with many imaginative colours, which one is the correct one?

To try to do a bit of clarity, it must be said that regardless of which use a camera modified for astronomy or not (more sensitive to infrared) the milky way does not change colour and with a good processing, and different lens / astrographs, will always produce the same hues, as well as for deep sky objects, to any focal length you take pictures, the correct colors are about the same and over the entire filmed you will see stars of various sizes and coloring, one yellow and one blue.

There may be a component of the gradients generated in photos from nearby light sources, light pollution, which plays tricks to the inexperienced photographer and is probably one of the reasons for misleading so we see on the images on the internet so many different shades of the milky way.

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