a Flatfield machine Macgyver style!

Since I picked up this wonderful hobby that is 15 years after a stop of astrophotography, full in the digital age, I found myself in a new world, the guide of the pictures that was done manually with the Illuminated Reticle eyepiece has evolved in the Guide Camera for your personal computer or stand-alone, Foucault knife has been replaced by the  Bahtinov mask and between those novelty I discovered “Flatfield machine” …

The principle of flat-machine is nothing but a white Panel illuminated as possible and allows you to highlight in photography all impurities, dust specks, small fibers that a dirty sensor is to be removed from hosting by stacking (the total of images) and you get a field without “fall light” at the edges and without those hateful impurities present on the sensor that penalize the final image.

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