Summer 2016-a selection of nature shots

With the summer we’ve only had a chance to shoot beautiful pictures as we had planned to do, but also beautiful landscapes, panoramas and macro photographs, especially Valentina, I laze a little longer trying to preserve forces for the night!

Please remember that we are available with a selection of photographs from us produced and directed to exhibitions and events, at the end of this post there is a contact form for more information 🙂 Plus, who gives us support on Patreons, has the ability to download Wallpapers in high resolution as the selection of images you see as they are posted on our profile.

Here I propose a roundup of the best shots of this summer 2016:

Fautea, giĂ  ci manchi!!

the fine sandy beach of Fautea nature reserve, Porto vecchio, Southern Corsica

First stop at the camping Fautea: the small sandstone beach

Camping La spiaggetta Fautea, Porto vecchio, Southern Corsica

The beautiful beach of Palombaggia, Furconu, Porto vecchio, Southern Corsica

Sardegna all'orizzonte, dallo Sperone (Bonifacio), Corsica

A glimpse into the beautiful sea of the beach of the spur, Piantarella, Bonifacio, Southern Corsica

But now we come to the alpine photographs, all from Colle di Sampeyre to 2400m about:

a beautiful saturday morning on the alps

The Maira valley view in panorama from the top of Colle di Sampeyre, Cuneo, Italian Western Alps

Welcome back to the Italian western Alps!

the valley

a rainbow from the alps :)

Alpine nature, in early summer :)

Alpine fragrance @ N04/28156247962/

guardando verso Elva @ N04/28182107231/ @ N04/28156189072/

orange / purple sunset from the Alps

For more information about the possibility of exhibiting our works in exhibitions/public or private Events, please contact us by filling in and sending this form:

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