Hundreds of black holes in a star cluster in the milky way

is the finding that took a team of researchers from the British University of Surrey and published in the monthly bulletin of the Royal Astronomy Society that could adequately explain the whims of this star cluster (globular) known as NGC6101, distant 49900 light years away and not visible in the northern hemisphere, but that belongs to southern hemispheres in the constellation APUs.
“The stars were visible on the outside, because” black holes are toward the Center and push out every star we can observe, “says Peuten, the team of researchers.
The news would be that these multiple black holes getting along with each other better than expected and don’t excrete their “housemates”:)

This short post to point out this interesting article published two days ago on magazine and that we invite you to read:

This is his wikipedia page in Italian and in English:

Credit for the photo attached, Nasa-Hubble Space Telescope are:

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