Spring 2016-our photographs from the forest

Having rented a house in the Woods in the mountains has its advantages, as well as “knock off” every now and then from the problems of everyday life!

Please remember that we are available with a selection of photographs from us produced and directed to exhibitions and events, at the end of this post there is a contact form for more information:)
Plus, who gives us support on Patreons, has the ability to download Wallpapers in high resolution as the selection of images you see as they are posted on our profile.

But let’s get to the pictures, this is a selection of shots that we made:

green and blue

water and trees

i see you!

a mossy stone in a wooded green sea

forgot me not

forgot me not (more close)


Hello! i'm "Armanda" the salamander

♣ morning natural jewels

Crocus closeup

For more information about the possibility of exhibiting our works in exhibitions/public or private Events, please contact us by filling in and sending this form:

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