Summer 2016-our best Astrofotos

This year with the arrival of summer, it was inevitable the appointment in Corsica, we met two French photographers with whom we befriended and taught the basics of astrophotography, unfortunately only 1 week for working problems and economic and once returned we could go in the mountains of the Alps “only” 3 weekend, in our favorite location of the Western Alps — the Colle di Sampeyre, province of Cuneo, about 2400 meters in a really dark sky that only the island Race equalled until now, are our two paradises:) and they allowed us anyway to go home with a nice booty (in addition to my broken ankle, S.o.b Gasp)

Souvenir photos together with the Group’s Summer 2016 Astronomical Amateurs Savonesi

Please remember that we are available with a selection of photographs from us produced and directed to exhibitions and events, at the end of this post there is a contact form for more information 🙂 Plus, who gives us support on Patreons, has the ability to download Wallpapers in high resolution as the selection of images you see as they are posted on our profile.

Here the most beautiful pictures that we got to shoot this summer hoping to do something pleasant from astronomical wide field shots to gradually increase focal, clicking on each image will open the corresponding flickr page with technical details in the description of the image, enjoy! 🙂

Startrail over Monviso

rotation-startrail with Monviso in the background @ N04/28799991066/

the milky way looking south from the Alps-the shield, the ophiuco, the Sagittarius and Scorpio

Bolide (and camping car) from the Alps!

a fireball at 3 in the morning in the Alps

from Cygnus to Sagittarius, from the Alps

wide angle on the milky way, South

the Milkyway up in the sky! and a Video Tutorial to see how we made to do this photo!

wide angle on the milky way, the zenith

up! to the zenith

wide angle on the milky way-the zenith

the Milkyway on Alps: from Scutum to Sagitter

Sagittarius and sculptor wide field

Sagittarius Teapot Asterism and Galactic center

the teapot in Sagittarius M8 and M20 wide field

460 light-years away.. the Molecolar clouds around Rho Ophiuchi

nubulare complex around Rho Ophiuchi

Scutum dark nebulae (B110-111-113),  M16 and M17 nebula

sculptor and M16 M17-wide field

up to Cygnus with 50mm lens

nebular complex in Swan-wide field

Altair and the Eagle

Altair and the constellation of aquila-wide field

a shooting star on the North America nebula

 Ngc7000-IC5070-the star Deneb, and a meteor in the field

Antares and Rho Ophiuchi molecolar clouds complex (panorama two stacks in drizzle 2x)

nebular complex around Rho Ophiuchi

a summer classic! :)

M20-Trifid and lagoon nebulae-8

The Coathanger asterism in Collinder 399

Collinder 399-the asterism of coat hangers

6800 light-years away...

NGC884-869-the double cluster in Perseus

M31, the big Andromedae galaxy, reprocessed!

M31-the great Andromeda Galaxy

5500 light-years away...

IC1318-the star Sadr, at the Centre of the cross of the Swan

... 1470 light-years away

NGC6992-part of the veil Nebula

NGC 6992 - The Eastern Veil Nebula (Drizzle 2x)

NGC6992-part of the veil Nebula in Cygnus-processed drizzle 2 x

the Witch's Broom and the Pickering's Triangular Wisp

Ngc6960-part of the veil Nebula in Cygnus

the Eagle nebula (M16) with a DSLR from the alps! :)

M16-the Eagle Nebula

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