and also for this year, we returned to the Colle di Sampeyre

🙂 we missed this place in the Alps, including Maciste (the camper that resists) were 11 months since I moved after my fracture in these meadows of last summer was still parked, accumulating dust!

But a providential tire change, and an initial cleaning first, allowed us to get back up there, for now just for a weekend, we spent in the company of Gruppo Astrofili Savonesi, for the annual summer camp, now in its 40th edition.

On Sunday we got to know even a sweet pair of lovers of nature and astronomy from Pinerolo which has fed and made a nice doemenica company!

We did some testing of "estate" batteries and recharge during the day with solar panels to "setup", and heq5 eq6, both with DSLR that with the room cooled CMOS. The tests went pretty well, unfortunately the images produced are few, one to finish and complete a wider field, but we hope to produce more for the two weekend in late August, when we go back up to the next new moon!

Here are some shots:

and a video:)

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