the hard life of the photographer does not pay!

Experienced in spite of the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Carson, who was contacted by a major American network running into billions, CBS, to offer only “credit”, that is, the signature of the author, in Exchange for his image, will the crisis is to say, it is sad and disheartening, but the bad habit is this media as saying: taking pictures for passion for creative nature, in order to save time, but if you plan to sell photos and earn, I fear we must take into account a lot of luck, not enough credit!

But because you photograph? things to ask, intrapredendo this passion:) We do it regardless of the audiences, and not for profit, as we like to portray what attracts our attention and why we find that those who photograph similar topic is a bit like having our own worldview! We do and to remember moments of our lives and to photograph the beauty that attracts us and fascinates.
Although, it is undeniable that the accolades careless about our work make us very happy:)
So those who like us these aims can only be saddened certainly how big media “treat” an award-winning artist, but don’t change the motivations that drive us to photograph!

the news (in English) you can read here:

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