Guide: how to take your first Startrail and how to process it

Take the first steps in astrophotography may seem difficult and challenging for those who looks for the first time in this discipline but there is a technique of night photography achievable without the need for any special equipment: this is the classic photo of the aftermath of the stars, and you get the 8 mm ultra wide lens exposing up to 50 m

I refer to photos as that used by the cover of this post made with a classic spin on the Pole Star and yet like this that I propose below, made with a less wide field, specifically a 50 mm, with the intention of picking up subjects “earthlings”, i.e. the Valley, the telescope that are photographing, etc.


As with all procedures adopted for night photography, even the startrail requires pre-conditions affecting the photographic work decisively to such a degree that it is even pointless. In this respect I want to show you a checklist you will have to consider whenever you decide to photograph the stars to make your masterpiece of startrail.

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