The most known and used software for processing astrophotography deepsky

There’s plenty of choice in terms of software for processing of deep sky pictures, few free unfortunately, many paid and with disparate and in this post I will try to elencarveli. As far as we are concerned, as you can see from our pictures, and like many others we do not just use one software to generate the final image, but we have two/three software in cascade, one after the other to get good detail but also a clean image, without excess noise.

But it must be said also that it is often thought, mistakenly, that the software do even “miracles” that I see many photographers rush into buying the most expensive and popular software on the market, and as often happens then you remain disappointed, because they really are important are the shots, ben chased and fuocheggiati well, not to mention that a foolish use of software however powerful it may be it is more difficult to learn and often produces the ugliest pictures a simple processing with free software. Not to mention as far as we are concerned, that satisfaction learning processing step by step, without relying on features or plugins that promise something, when in fact it is only trained eye in the processing procedure, our suggestion is to learn from the freeware, then, once produced beautiful images to the limit of functionality of the software, possibly consider purchasing commercial software. We will not take into account in this post then Actions/Photoshop Script that is often ineffective and sometimes removing signal while placing the belle best image.

We start from free software for excellence in astrophotography that is:

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