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We are an Italian couple who lives in North Italy, with a passion for nature photography and astrophotography and we wanted to open up this BLOG to share our experiences in photography and Astrophotography with DSLR cameras but also news and curiosities of science, astronomy and nature;


The topic of blog is photography and you will find information and insights on shooting techniques and digital photography and astrophotography processing, but also convenient Video tutorials to learn the techniques and our post-production workflow that we have developed over the years, some of these downloadable guides for free, others by a small contribution, which will be directed to cover a minimum costs we face.

About us

with a footprint a bit sterile and I hope you will forgive us in style CV, we want to briefly describe our journey so far:

Gianni Cerrato, born at Asti on 6/5/77 is passionate about photography since the age of 12 years, following in the footsteps of his cousin, Patrizia Fantino later became vice-president of the Gruppo Astrofili Astigiani Beta Andromedae later. His passion for photography and astronomy was infused by her, and she worked for a general audience in the group because even the founder and first president, Pietro Baudino, who recalls with regret and affection. He covered the post of Secretary in the G.A.A. (Gruppo Astrofili Astigiani, Beta Andromedae) and then abandon astronomy and photographyt at the age of 18 years old, missed the first President and the inputs in the group. He resumed his passion for astronomy in 2009 after 10 years by amateur astronomer transhumant before with the tent and then more comfortably with the camper, and photography in General just before, in 2005.  By profession is computer scientist, until the age of 23 years has worked as a web designer, later becoming system and network administrator for about 15 years.

Valentina Saltarelli, born in Livorno on 1/21/87, is passionate about astronomy from an early age (12 years) with Santa also fascinated by the nature and astronomy. He learned photography by Gianni three years ago, preferring the macro photography and starting to enjoy the wide field astrophotography and assisting in the most challenging shooting Gianni at deepsky focal. Passionate about nature, plants and science generally, you graduated in natural sciences with Anthropological address with the evaluation of 110 and mention of praise. Is currently working as a lab technician for producing analyses, through his skills from Organic Chemist sanitary.

Where you can find our works

We are present on different networks/community of photography and astrophotography, but to see a full selection of our photos you can navigate with your browser on our profile 500px, which is active continuously for a year, these networks of photography have rapid growth how fast is the decline, previously our main photography profiles were on Flickr with over 2 million hits, but now become less in vogue from the internet population, probably because of poor choices of Yahoo who is the owner, has led us to look elsewhere, while trying to keep all our profiles in order not to lose touch with the friendships made over the years.

Our profile 500px can be reached by clicking on the image below:


and it gets to our new image from 1000 to 10000 visits a day is a source of pride as the accolades received by professional and amateur photographers, and that is why I would we report, namely to provide tangible evidence with our images and the satisfaction they get, I mean “we all talk and a badge” to quote a well-known scene from a movie.

Because of this Blog

Because we like disclosure, teach and pass on what they have learned. But we want to do it to feed a minimum, since both are not particularly “haves” and to purchase new equipment we began to offer for sale some of our photos in various formats on Curioos.com at this address: https://www.curioos.com/xamad
On the latter network we made available only a few photographs but on request we can put those you like, among those published on 500px!

Please remember that we are available with a selection of photographs from us produced and directed to exhibitions and events, at the end of this post there is a contact form for more information 🙂

Plus, who gives us support on Patreons, has the ability to download Wallpapers in high resolution as the selection of images you see as published on our profile as well as take advantage of our guides, Tutorials and Video Tutorials.

Happy surfing!

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