Two lenses, one small and one large, to assess the potential of the Drizzle2x

In this Post, which follows the images posted on Flickr and 500px, I wanted to show the potential of processing in Drizzle, albeit with modest equipment, DSLR, having blessed with two great Chinese import lenses and having taken the same patch of sky with a camera like that, we start from the small but powerful 80/480mm:

The photo “full field” produced by this Apo, which will subject the great Andromeda Galaxy (M31) was created by using an appropriate adapter/additional Checker consists of 2 lenses which reduces the final to 400 mm focal length and focal ratio f/5 and it is this:

It was created this summer by Italian Western Alps, in 2400m from the dark skies of the Hill of Sampyre with a Canon Eos 600D fullspectrum mod. in 1:00 and 30 minutes of full integration with the 80/480 mm on Heq5 mount.
Processing the same single shots in Drizzle mode 2 x (that is, using the algorithm of which I spoke earlier in this blog), we obtain a field of approximately 900 mm focal length, the focal length of the larger twin refractor by the 130/910mm of the company:

It allows us to make a comparison with some shots taken the year before, slightly lower than the total exposure time (1 hour and being the darkest 130, is an f/7 need more exposure time in comparison) but with similar camera and from Sky and locations thereof, here below, before processing the 80 mm in drizzle, and then that “full field” with 130 mm :

The latter shot with the apo 130/910mm was created the year before, with a Canon EOS 50 d CentralDS, raggranellando 1 shabby now total exposure on the same location, and of course, EQ6 mount this last shot you can still achieve a Drizzle 2 x, but what I wanted to show was the potential of processing in Drizzle, which allows you to “push” the little 80 mm almost the quality of a 130 mm What we notice in negative compared to the image with the 130 mm, is the biggest stars, and the slightly less detail, however considering what was created and the short total pose, is very respectable!

And finally, this is about two hours of integration time with 130/910mm, but different location and framing, another our old work on M31:
Main article: processing in Drizzle we propose our post:

And our Video tutorials to learn how to make yourself the elaboration in Drizzle with freeware software Deepskystacker:


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